Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jenkins campaign refuses to take stand

The Lynn Jenkins campaign has attacked Nancy Boyda for her vote yesterday on a comprimise "Drill baby, drill!" bill.

But wait, I thought Lynn wanted to drill? She would support this bill too then, right?

“I cannot tell you specifically the bill she would or would not have voted for since Lynn's not in Congress, but what I sent you before is the criteria she would follow,” said Josh Hersh in an e-mail to the Lawrence Journal-World.
Oh, I see. You're willing to criticize others for voting for the bill, but not willing to say you would've voted against it. Brilliant.

Hersh did say that Jenkins would vote for a similar bill, as long as it was a compromise.
“Lynn would have voted for a compromise, bipartisan bill that was crafted by Republicans and Democrats. She would not have supported a political gimmick that's been declared dead on arrival by a Democrat senator.”
But this bill IS a compromise!

The original bill called for allowing drilling 100 miles off the coast. Republicans wanted 25, so the bill was amended to 50. If this isn't compromise, I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

Hey, check out the post by your mentor, KU Blue. Note how he states he is working for ACORN in Ohio by assignment from our Gov, the queen of KS.

So, your mentor is now under investigation by the FBI for voter fraud. Maybe you should go to Ohio and help him get more fraudulent voters registered.

It will real hard to commit voter fraud however when one is in a federal prison. You are next.

I hope you are not one of those nut jobs associated with ACORN.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This blog is a screamer. No post since Sept. 17. And no one ever comments.

I would just shut this blog down and save yourself the time of posting as the moderator.

Before you are under investigation like your blog mentor, Blue.

If your hit count is around 100, those are my visits. So don't start bragging.

Anonymous said...

If anyone else visits this web site. Just post something. like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Anything.

So the moderator can make better use of his time. Like advocate for the GOP party. Then, you would be a real player in politics in KS.

Besides, that would give the dems a place to trash posts about the GOP, just like Blue Tide Sinking.

A good GOP blog is really needed in KS.

Anonymous said...

Have you not wondered why the KS GOP does not have an open blog like the democrats do?

Because sites like BTR help the GOP instead of the Dems.

So be contrary. Start a GOP blog and do the dems a favor. That way, dems could trash pro-GOP posts.

Sometimes, you have to think like a contrarian to get the desired effect. Let me when you cross over to the dark side to benefit the dems.

And you can thank me. Refer to me as Anon.

Anonymous said...

No one blogs here. Just the blog mod and me. The rest stay out.

We should just email each other.