Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lynn Jenkins: more of the same

Another day, another example: Lynn Jenkins is Jim Ryun 2.0. (Like upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista, sure it's an upgrade, but is it really any better?)

Remember when the DCCC dropped some money into the Kansas 2nd and Christian Morgan and Lynn Jenkins got their panties in a bunch, blaming Boyda even though she has no control over who spends money on her race?

Well, Boyda proved her independence by telling the DCCC to get out of her race - and they decided to listen.

So one would think that Jenkins, in her quixotic effort to bring about "new Republican leadership," would do the same when the national Republicans dropped money into her race.


First she did nothing when Freedom's Watch, a shady 527 with ties to Dick Cheney and his fellow White House cronies, ran misleading advertisements in the 2nd District.
“It’s free speech,” Jenkins said. “Let anybody come tell their story and let the voters sort it out.”
Now, the NRCC has announced that they're going to spend $580,000 on ads in Kansas during the final two weeks of the election. (See here, here and here)

Who does Lynn Jenkins think she is?! She's screaming "foul" and playing dirty at the same time!

Jenkins is trying to trick us, but she's the same old politician with the same old Washington buddies who spend the same old K Street dollars so they can pull the puppet strings come January.


Anonymous said...

haha Dems always seem to get "tricked"

Ash Mcgonigal said...

Eh, let whatever shady jackass wants to put money in this race come in. Republicans are sunk this year, and Lynn Jenkins' politics are a train wreck, which only appears like a positive outcome when the alternative, Jim Ryun, is a plane crash.