Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Will Christian Morgan criticize Sarah Palin for going to a basketball game?

In a recent AP story, it has come out that Sarah Palin charged the state a per diem allowance on Thanksgiving Day 2007 so she could attend the Great Alaska Shootout, a college basketball tournament.

Will Christian Morgan criticize her like he did Kathleen Sebelius for attending major sporting events involving the University of Kansas and Kansas State University? Or is this just a Governor acting in her ceremonial role?

I think we all know the answer. Don't you hate it when you're idiotic partisan attacks come home to roost, Christian?


Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness this post is not like reading some of the comments that drone on like the one about Obama's lies.

This is even worse; although shorter. Dem moderators are really getting desperate on several counts. We are now comparing Palin to Kate, the Wiz of Oz. Kate is not running for VP. So who cares about this dumb and trivial post?

Dems are getting pitiful because McCain-Palin are merely going to win the election. The blame here belongs to Hillary for dividing dems and Obama for self destruction this summer on his half-baked ideas. Maybe in 2012, the dems will learn from all their mistakes.

Make that 2212. Dems are pretty slow learning from their past mistakes. I blame the Dems for Bush getting elected by dem default in 00, 04 and 08.

Anonymous said...

What a dead blog. Can't you get anyone to blog here on your posts? Get your cousins and friends are something. No one is going to come to a blog for very long that no posts to.

Get with KU Blue, your blog father and ask him how do you attract bloggers. Maybe he can give you some help. Try some different metatags might be a good start.

I am pretty certain I am the only person blogging here. And if it does not pick up, you will be both the sole moderator and lone blogger having to comment to your own posts.

I am all for more political blogs in KS. So do something to make this one worth visiting.