Thursday, May 1, 2008

Coal, coal and more coal.

It's almost like this blog is turning into TheKansasRepublican only with facts and stuff. No matter.

First, the Senate overturned the Governor's veto as expected yesterday by a vote of 32-7. Mark Gilstrap, David Haley, Greta Goodwin, Janis Lee and Jim Barone have some explaining to do as far as I'm concerned.

Here at LBK, we are not such partisan hacks that we insist on a 100% Democratic voting record. The Senators mentioned above represent a broad spectrum of Kansans and in the process of representing their constituents, they're going to vote differently from time to time. No one agrees on everything. But sometimes, there a fundamental values of right and wrong that cannot be compromised. A few years ago it was gay marriage. Last year it was school funding. This year it is Holcomb. This is an issue around which Democrats (and Jim Barone) can rally.

The fact of the matter is, outside of Finney County, people are either against the coal plants or they don't care one way or the other. Janis Lee at least has the excuse of being from Western Kansas, where polling shows support for the plants is higher, but the rest of you have no excuse.

Props to Jean Schodorf and David Wysong for standing up to their leadership and voting for what is right.


On the House side, Speaker Mel didn't have the votes last night and as such no vote was held. Word is it will be first thing this morning. (Apparently StayRedKansas has somehow deduced this means the veto will be overridden...ya, it doesn't make any sense to us either) We again urge you to contact your legislators and give them some words of encouragement. Neufeld has promised not to close the legislature until the veto has been overridden, so there might be some "nay" votes out there that get a little uneasy as the days go by. Keep prodding them. We waited out Doug Mays (who, despite being a jerk, was twice the Speaker that Neufeld is) on school funding because it was the right thing to do and we can do it again with Melvin Neufeld.

Here are legislators that we feel need encouragement.

Democrats who voted against coal bill and need to stay strong:
Barbara Ballard (Lawrence)
Tom Burroughs (Kansas City)
Sydney Carlin (Manhattan)
Marti Crow (Leavenworth)
Paul Davis (Lawrence)
Nile Dillmore (Wichita)
Oletha Faust-Goudeau (Wichita)
Geraldine Flaharty (Wichita)
Vaughn Flora (Topeka)
Stan Frownfelter (Kansas City)
Delia Garcia (Wichita)
Raj Goyle (Wichita)
Tom Hawk (Manhattan)
Broderick Henderson (Kansas City)
Jerry Henry (Cummings)
Tom Holland (Baldwin City)
Annie Kuether (Topeka)
Harold Lane (Topeka)
Judith Loganbill (Wichita)
Margaret Long (Kansas City)
Steve Lukert (Sabetha)
Ann Mah (Topeka)
Melody McCray-Miller (Wichita)
Terry McLachlan (Wichita)
Julie Menghini (Pittsburg)
Cindy Neighbor (Shawnee)
Gene Rardin (Overland Park)
Luis Ruiz (Kansas City)
Sue Storm (Overland Park)
Joshua Svaty (Ellsworth)
Annie Tietze (Topeka)
Mark Treaster (Pretty Prairie)
Ed Trimmer (Winfield)
Jim Ward (Wichita)
Valdenia Winn (Kansas City)

Democrats who voted for the coal bill and need a change of heart:
Bill Feuerborn (Garnett)
Doug Gatewood (Columbus)
Bob Grant (Cherokee)
Dennis McKinney (Greensburg)
Shirley Palmer (Fort Scott)
Jan Pauls (Hutchinson)
Mike Peterson (Kansas City)
Eber Phelps (Hays)
L. Candy Ruff (Leavenworth)
Jerry Williams (Chanute)

Democrats who missed the last coal vote:
Vince Wetta (Wellington)
Tom Sawyer (Wichita)

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