Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tiahrt supports millionaires instead of our troops

Recently, the House passed (with the support of Reps. Dennis Moore and Nancy Boyda) an expansion of the GI Bill that would allow more veteran returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to get a college degree. You would think those patriotic, flag-waving, troop-hugging Republicans who sent them over there in the first damn place would be the ones supporting the bill and chastising Democrats for not supporting our troops.

Well, apparently wearing a flag pin on your lapel is enough for them.

Numerous Republicans, including Kansas Reps. Todd Tiahrt and Jerry Moran, voted nay.

Why, you ask? Well, Tiahrt and Moran haven't bothered to explain themselves as of yet, but several Republicans have said the bill would discourage soldiers from re-enlisting. Perhaps if they weren't bogged down in an unjust war with no end, they would be a little more enthusiastic about putting off their education.

The other hitching point for Republicans? The bill would increase the personal income tax on individuals making at least $500,000 per year by one half of one percent. That's less than a penny on the dollar for the richest of the rich.


Sen. John McCain and President George W. Bush have both spoken out against this bill. It heads to the Senate this week, where we can only hope a veteran like Pat Roberts will support it.

We now know that Reps. Tiahrt and Moran, as well as Bush and McCain, are on the side of the wealthiest Americans, now the question becomes who's side is Pat Roberts on?

Some videos on the subject...

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