Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Larry Powell: environmentalist

Rep. Larry Powell (R-Garden City) is in the news again.

For those of you who recognize that name, he's the one that said the tens of thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide emitted from coal plants was good for corn crops.

“One of the really good things about CO2 is that plants perform better under stress (drought, etc.) with increased levels of CO2,” Rep. Larry Powell, R-Garden City, said in a letter disseminated to the media.

Powell said a recent study shows that over the next 50 years, “atmospheric CO2 enrichment will boost world agricultural output by about 50 percent.”

For those of you who didn't finish the 4th grade, that statement is what we call "stupid."

Well, Rep. Powell has apparently decided he'd like to take his stupidity to the next level. In a recent story published by the Hutchinson News, Powell describes why he decided to change his occupation listed in the official state director from "rancher" to "environmentalist."
"I think I'm a true environmentalist, not someone who thinks everything is going to destroy the environment," he said.
If that makes your mind hurt, you just wait, Powell is just getting warmed up.
Powell also said his work has brought him much closer to nature than many urbanites who've embraced the environmentalist label.

"I've seen rattlesnakes make love, which probably isn't a pretty sight," Powell said.
For the love of all things holy, Rep. Powell, what the hell are you talking about!?

(Wait. If you've seen it, wouldn't you know whether it was a pretty sight or not? Is snake porn illegal?)

If this is the kind of venom (no pun intended) we can expect from Republicans as they attempt to use the Holcomb plant to their political advantage come November, I don't think there are many Democrats waking up in cold sweats.

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