Friday, May 30, 2008

The lowest of the low

As the title suggests, this is a blog about Kansas politics. Every once in awhile, we like to branch out. Just over the Missouri line is one of the most hotly contested Congressional races in the country, MO-06. This race pits incumbent homophobe -- nay -- Republican Sam Graves against Democratic challenger and former KCMO mayor Kay Barnes.

Having already checked racism off his list, is Barnes moving on to homophobia?

In his most recent ad, Graves attacks Barnes for having a fundraiser in California while the state Supreme Court was handing down the gay marriage decision. Obviously, this scheduling coincidence means Kay Barnes is a foot soldier in the Gay Army.

But what is truly reprehensible, if true, is a strange pronunciation of Barnes' name. Pay special attention to the part of the video where the narrator talks about the Kansas City gay pride

Um, did the narrator just call her "Gay Barnes?" You be the judge.

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