Friday, May 2, 2008

Run, Roberts, Run!!!

Before the Democrats even sort out who their nominee will be for the United States Senate seat currently held by Pat Roberts, Roberts and the KS GOP have already set the tone for how this election cycle is going to go. Dirty.

First, Roberts' camp launched a radio ad attacking Jim Slattery for living in Washington, D.C. since 1994. The ad claims that Slattery was a lobbyist "Gucci loafers and all." No word on whether Slattery actually wears Gucci loafers.

Then, the pimple-faced operatives over at the KS GOP found the YouTube.

These two ads show us two things. One, the Kansas Republican Party and the Pat Roberts' campaign have no intentions of talking about issues. Two, they're scared.

Thankfully, the Kansas Democratic Party has shown they're not going to let Pat Roberts voting record and dedication to the failed policies of the Bush Administration be swept under the rug.

Nothing like the smell of political mud in the springtime. At least one party and one campaign is more interested in issues than childish, personal attacks.


Kevin said...

They should be scared. As Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and one of only 8 members of Congress privy to all reports, Roberts should have provided "vigilant legislative oversight" of the lead up to the Iraq War. And when intelligence failures came to light, like the fabrication of yellow cake evidence, Roberts should have completed his promised investigation instead of covering for the Bush/Cheney administration.
People are also starting to take notice of the fact that the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush presidency will have lasting effects on our economy - burdening future generations with the costs of tax cuts for the most wealthy. The bill for Iraq keeps racking up (now at $4,500 per household), but Bush and Roberts have no plan to pay for it - they're just passing the costs on to our children.

Anonymous said...

Roberts is scared. In fact, Roberts is horrified.

Michael Caddell said...

Roberts is not scared. He won't be until helicopters are hauling Americans out of the Green Zone. He might know a fast war with Iran will upset the Dems apple cart. Dems like Slattery, just assume a little greenwashing will get them support, NOT! Roberts might know more about watz up before November. Oh I forgot Hillary will "obliterate" 'em and its going to take 16 months to get out after Obama is elected. We need radical democrats not more dynasties.

Anyone on this blog would be better than Slattery.

Ash Mcgonigal said...

Last I saw him he was wearing boots. Just saying.

Kevin said...

If we invade Iran before the end of the month we should be able to make it to "Mission Accomplished" by November. Of course, once we get Iran we can put up hotels on Iraq, Iran and Afganistan. Monopoly!

Anonymous said...

That ad from Robert... was it made by a 5 year old just learning how to make computer animations? If your're going to make a cheesy attack ad, at least spend more than $10 having it made!