Wednesday, March 12, 2008

“If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.”

This quote from Albert Einstein seems to be the mantra of the three major Republican blogs in this state.

Now that the news is starting to settle in that Jim Slattery will be joing the Democratic U.S. Senate primary, our Republican blogs have felt the need to assert Roberts' status as "well-liked."

What's the problem with this you might ask?

Sure, he's been elected numerous times by large margins, even going unopposed in 2002. But is he really well-liked?

Survey USA polls the state quite a bit, and Roberts' numbers have been pretty steady.

2/18: 51%
1/18: 51%
12/16: 56%
11/12: 51%
10/16: 55%
09/17: 57%
08/13: 54%
07/16: 52%
06/11: 51%
05/14: 52%
04/18: 48%
03/12: 50%
02/12: 49%
01/15: 52%

I could keep going, but you get the idea. The "well-liked" Senator has never been above 57% and has on two separate occassions since January of 2007 dropped below 50%. His average approval rating over the past 17 months? 52%.

That's not atrocious, I mean, he could be Sam Brownback. However, considering he has been in Congress for decades and has had no one really actively campaigning against him his entire career, it's pretty sad. And it certainly isn't insurmountable, whether he faces Lee Jones or Congressman Slattery.

So why is it that despite all evidence to the contrary, Republicans insist upon calling Sen. Roberts well-liked? They offer no statistical evidence to back up their claim, only that he hasn't been beaten yet.

I guess if you say something enough, people start to believe it.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that former Congressman Slattery finally made the decision to defeat soon-to-be former Senator Roberts. Roberts deserves to lose his job due to his lack of performance over the past six years, but it looked like nobody would fire him. Well, Mr. Slattery has just handed Mr. Roberts his pink slip.

Anonymous said...

As a democrat, I'm annoyed that he turned down the offer to run the first time. Clearly he's only doing it now because Sebelius promised him something, or to help out his son who's running for state rep. I think we should support the candidate in the primary that actually wanted to run for Senator

Anonymous said...

Lee Jones lost twice in 2004, how about we support the candidate who's never lost a primary to a guy who endorsed him.

Anonymous said...

clearly he's only doing it now because he's decided it's winnable (seeing the level of support-money- orman was able to raise).

"sebelius has promised him something" do you people really thing she's that powerful? what does she have that he can't get on his own?

Anonymous said...

Slattery lost the govenorship in 1994 by a margin of 64-36, so what'd he do. Paked his bags and headed to Washington to make a bundle lobbying on behalf of the telecommunications industry. Don't believe me, read this.