Friday, March 14, 2008

Kansas Legislature has tickets to the gun show

In the Kansas House, the Federal and State Affairs committee is a catch-all committee where all kind of crazy stuff is born. (See gay marriage ban)

The latest poor legislation to pop up in this committee is a bill that would allow licensed firearm dealers in Kansas to once again sell automatic weapons.

Previously, dealers had been allowed to sell these weapons to law enforcement agencies until a recent decision by then-Attorney General Paul Morrison said that such activities were not actually legal.

But instead of just reinstating the ability to sell to law enforcement (which I'm fine with), lawmakers want to go a step further and allow any old Joe off the street to purchase these tools of death.

Do people need a reason? asked Rep. Candy Ruff, D-Leavenworth.

"If people want to possess it, it's up to them," she said.

Apparently the state shouldn't have a say in whether guns that fire 600 rounds per minute should be in the hands of your average person on the street. After all, what if someone is invading your home and you miss with the first 599 shots, with that 600th shot, you have defended your home.

Something tells me this isn't what the framers had in mind when they wrote about a well-organized militia and the right to bear arms.

But honestly, that incomplete sentence in the Constitution aside, why in the WORLD would ANYONE need a gun that can shoot 600 rounds per minute unless they were military or law enforcement?

And you know what, spare me the crap about how if these guns are made illegal than only criminals will have these guns:

Virginia Tech: Guns were legally purchased.

Kirksville, Mo.: Guns were legally purchased.

Northern Illinois: Guns were legally purchased.

Hell, go back to Columbine: Guns were legally purchased before they were given to the two troubled teens who shot up that school.

Now imagine if any of these disturbed individuals had been given the option of an AK-47 at that gun show? How many more people would've died?

This isn't a matter of being able to defend yourself and your family, unless you're defending them against the army of a small third-world nation. This isn't about being able to hunt for sport or for food. This is being able to own a killing machine for the sake of being able to own a killing machine.

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