Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What the !@*#%$!!?!?

Can someone please explain to me who the hell this guy is and why he's on the O'Reilly factor as a political expert?!?

(Oh wait - I just answered my own question.)

SERIOUSLY FOLKS!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GUY EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!?!? Allow me to just ignore his tasteless and sophomoric "PMS & mood swings" crack...He apparently doesn't believe Hillary Clinton is qualified to be president because she would bring a "female agenda" into the White House - and then he proceeds to provide examples of Sen. Clinton speaking up for women's rights or women in general.

Excuse me?!!? Excuse me?!? Did this guy honestly just say that it is dangerous for this country to accept a woman as President because she might threaten to have a "female agenda?"

(Right. Because no male has ever entered the Oval Office with a "male agenda.")

But I'm not here to bash men. I'm here to bash THIS GUY because he is an idiot and belongs with the likes of THIS GUY in terms of male chauvinism and ass-backwardness.

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Anonymous said...

what an idiot, he complains about discrimination against men, that never happens, i mean those duke lacrosse players were definitely guilty, oh wait, they werent.