Monday, March 10, 2008

The Politics of Hate

Crooks and Liars has the goods on Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern.

Obviously, this is a Kansas-centric blog, but when we come across something as abhorrent as this -- especially this close to home -- we can't ignore it.

If you suffer from high blood pressure and have a soft spot in your heart for the LGBT movement, you might want to think twice before watching this video.

To recap: The gays are taking over and ruining the world. She even goes so far as to say that homosexuals are a bigger threat to America than terrorists.

We're trying to find out if there is a Democratic opponent in her district to direct our support towards, but in the interim, head over to the Oklahoma Democratic Party's site and give'em a few bucks to combat this bigotry. Then, shoot Rep. Kern an email ( and let her know that she inspired you to donate money to the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

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