Thursday, March 13, 2008

Idle hands = Intelligent Design

Sometimes in Kansas we forget about the importance of our state school board elections.
Every couple of years, the conservatives take over the board again and do something so unbelievably absurd that it would be almost comical if the consequences weren't so real.
After moderate (read: sane) voices took over the board once again in 2006, we run the risk of it happening once again.
Though we were able to throw at corrupt wackos like Connie Morris and sack anti-public school voucherfile Bob Corkins, unless Kansas' voters are again shown what is at stake, we run the risk of doing it again.
With moderate Republican Sue Gamble opting to run for the State Senate instead of another term on the school board and Democrat Bill Wagnon (Democrat Carolyn Campbell - a former president of Topeka USD 501 BOE - has filed to run in this district) opting not to run again, we now have two open seats that were once held by moderates.
Though those seats, in Topeka and Johnson County, should be relatively safe from the grasps of conservatives, the seat of nut-job, anti-evolutuion, anti-sexual education Kathy Martin needs to be reclaimed.
Martin, who is from Clay Center, represents a large district which includes Salina, Manhattan and much of North-Central Kansas.
What can you do to prevent this from happening?
For starters, you can head over to Kansas Families United for Public Education's web site. Become a member and donate to their cause.
Second, if you live in districts 2 (parts of Johnson County), 6 (Manhattan, Salina, Atchison, etc) or 10 (SW Sedgwick County, Sumner County, Butler County, Cowley County) and care about public education. Run for the school board!

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