Monday, April 14, 2008

Donald Betts campaign update

As we've said, this race will be anything but easy, but this is good news to show that Sen. Donald Betts is running a full-time campaign. Todd Tiahrt has won his previous races by default, and Sen. Betts has a great chance to make the race very competitive. He can be this year's Nancy Boyda. Below is some media coverage from Sen. Betts' tour of the 4th District with former 4th District Congressman Dan Glickman.

Todd Tiahrt is a slimy politician and anyone who has spent even a few minutes with him has seen this. If Sen. Betts can keep this going, we believe he can slay the dragon despite the massive fundraising disadvantage he'll likely be up against.
(P.S. click here to donate to Sen. Betts' campaign and help close that gap)

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