Thursday, April 3, 2008

What say you, Americans for Prosperity

After listening to Americans for Prosperity drone on and on about what a horrible state for business we find ourselves in, some might have been shocked when they happened upon a recent story in the Lawrence Journal-World entitled "Kansas No. 10 Pro-business state."

Using 29 categories — including taxes, quality of life, human resources, labor, education, infrastructure and incentive programs — the study’s authors indicate the best places to expand a business.

In Kansas’ case, the state fared well by having a relatively high-quality work force, plus relatively low costs for utility services (emphasis added) unemployment insurance and workers compensation rates, said Brent Pollina, the study’s lead author.

Kansas also has effective professionals working on economic-development activities at the state level, he said, reflecting a commitment from the governor’s office.

Though the story does say Kansas is 38th in business taxes, it goes on to say that it is still a very hospitable state for business.
“Kansas actually is one of the rare states out there that seems to being doing right by the business community in their state,” said Pollina, vice president for the Chicago-based firm, which provides project-management services for Fortune 500 companies and others looking to expand into new areas of North America. “They have been constantly going over what the state government does and trying to make improvements on it, whereas most of the other states out there figure good enough is good enough.”
Looks like all those horror stories Alan Cobb and his anti-tax cronies tell you have no basis in reality. But then again, we've seen how well Alan Cobb deals with reality.

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