Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fundraising update: Donald Betts, StayRed lies

Donald Betts' campaign fundraising totals have been posted, and we'll admit we were a little disappointed. During the first quarter, when Betts spent most of his time in Topeka doing the job the people of the 29th District elected him to do, the campaign brought in $35,771.91. The campaign has $13,424.98 Cash On Hand.

This certainly makes his campaign to unseat Todd Tiahrt more difficult, but it is 3 1/2 times more money than Garth McGinn raised during the entire campaign. Nobody expected Betts to match Tiahrt dollar for dollar, so he'll just have to outwork him. But even with an aggressive ground game, Betts needs to step up the fundraising (hint, hint).

In other news, StayRedKansas posted Nick Jordan's fundraising numbers under a headline that can only be described as a lie. "Jordan Out-Raises Moore In Net Fund Raising Receipts." Uh, no. As we reported earlier (see here and here)

True: Nick Jordan has spent less money in the past three months (turns out doing absolutely nothing is really cheap).

False: Nike Jordan outraised Dennis Moore. Last time I checked, the person who "outraises" the other is the one who raises the most money. I'm not a mathemetician, but by my calculations, $185,209.98 > $166,212.25.

Just another lie from StayRed, don't know why we're surprised.

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