Friday, April 18, 2008

KS GOP on The Internets

If you head over to The Google on The Internets and type in Kansas Republican Party, what you'll find may just be a microcosm of why the Kansas Republican Party just can't seem to catch any breaks lately.

You see, the KS GOP web site, in addition to not being the most attractive site around, hasn't been updated since January 10 of this year. Oh, sorry, they do have an national news section that is probably automatically generated.

If you'll recall the email sent by Kris Kobach at the end of last year -- you know, the one where he bragged about illegal voter suppression.

Well, there was something else in that email too. Kobach said the KSGOP was on the verge of starting....a blog.
We have instituted a wholesale technological change at Party headquarters. We have updated everything, from our website to our email system. Additionally, we are getting ready to launch the official Republican Party blog—to further help spread the positive actions of all of Republican elected officials.
Apparently, there are no positive actions of Republican elected officials for to spread, because to the best of this bloggers knowledge, no such blog was ever launched.

The KS GOP did have a brilliant idea to use The Internets to get their supporters involved with the shaping of the party's new platform. This initiative, called 50 Ideas, was kicked off with an "Idearaiser" (get it, it's like a fundraiser only instead of giving money, you give ideas. BRILLIANT!)

A committee was formed, chaired by Rep. Peggy Mast of Emporia. There was even a 50 Ideas blog.

All of this was to culminate in the release of a new, totally revamped, grassroots inspired party platform. Only such a release never occurred. Perhaps Rep. Mast was too busy trying to root out gangsta rap from our communities.

The web site and blog have been dormant since October of 2007.

But all that might just change, you see the KS GOP sent out an email today proclaiming anew their commitment to the 50 Ideas...idea. Although, they apparently forgot to put any new content on the web site to which they direct people in the email.

No matter, things around here are about to change...
It’s no secret that the State of Kansas is facing some substantial problems as
we look towards the future. The government needs answers.

The 2008
Kansas Republican Party Platform seeks to find answers and provide solutions to cure Kansas’ stagnant and downward spiraling economy, curb violent crime, make
government more open and accountable, prepare Kansans to compete in a global
economy by making our schools not just good, but great, and maintain the values
and beliefs of America’s heartland.

Our vision of a better Kansas does not start in the halls of the Capitol or with the input of special interest lobbyists. It starts with people like you.

Republicans believe that the best and most effective government is the government closest to the people. We want to listen to people’s thoughts, discover their dreams, and renew a sense of hope and optimism.

Join with us today and submit your ideas to pioneer change in Kansas.

Welcome back to The Internets, Christian and Kris! I'll look forward to hearing more on these "50 ideas."

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