Monday, April 21, 2008

Sucks to be John McCain

Poor John McCain only made $420,000 last year. Compared to the millions brought in by Obama and Clinton, you almost start to feel sorry for the old guy. I mean, if he wanted to buy a brand new Ferrari, he might have to FINANCE it. *GASP* Obviously, living on such an income clearly means he's in touch with the common man.

Ok, back to reality. You see, while John McCain's tax returns may say he's made less than $800,000 over the past two years, that hardly paints an accurate picture of the the senator's financial means.

This is because Sen. McCain and his wife elected to file separately, meaning he doesnt' have to claim any of his wife's earnings on his tax return. In layman's terms, this means he can hide from the American people just how rich he really is.

But a recent Slate story sheds some light on the McCain's financial situation. The thing that stuck out to me is the McCain's spent more than $400,000 on "household staff" in 2006 and 2007. Man of the people alright.

Does it matter that John McCain has money? No. Being rich doesn't preclude you from being a good President. Anymore, just about anyone who has made it to this level in politics is going to be at least of above average wealth and both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are well-to-do. That part doesn't bother us, what bothers us is Sen. McCain trying to come off as a man of the people and not being entirely forthcoming about his own financial status.

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