Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Donald Betts is playing for keeps

Some have criticized state Sen. Donald Betts' campaign for Congress as being a joke and said he didn't have a chance. I feel this negativity is misplaced. Betts is immensely qualified and is an extremely charismatic and likable guy who is very popular in the Wichita metro area. The only concern I had is whether he would get out and raise the money and make himself known in the areas outside of Sedgwick/Butler counties.

Betts has been out and about already more than Garth McGinn was in 2006. Anyone who thinks that Tiahrt is untouchable should take a look at the numbers from '06, McGinn got 34% of the vote. Not that bad for someone who barely campaigned and raised only $10,000. (Betts had already raised $20,000 by the end of '07)

Now, according to the Wichita Eagle, Betts is scheduled to do a tour of the 4th District and hold a series of events with former 4th District Congressman and current MPAA CEO Dan Glickman.

Has Betts run a perfect campaign so far? Hardly. I'd love to see six figures on his year-end 2007 numbers. But he's already raised twice as much as McGinn ever did and is getting help from Dan Glickman who is very popular in the 4th District. Anytime you're running against a six-term incumbent with a seven-figure warchest, it's going to be an uphill battle.

But if Garth McGinn, can get 34% against Tiahrt, anything can happen.

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Betts 08 said...

You go Sen Don! I'm Breasia's best friend and i support you 100%!
Signed By Desiree

This is Sen Don's niece. I disagree what you said about him raising money
because when i helped at his office I saw pictures everywhere of his fund raisers. But I do Agree with him being a intelligent and well liked man.
Signed Sen. Don's Niece Breasia