Thursday, June 5, 2008

Post removed

This post has been removed due to a factual error. LBK regrets the error.


Ash Mcgonigal said...

While McCain is a ludicrously bad candidate, the Montana contest was on Feb 5.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Left Brain, are you out of your mind? Way to stay up to speed on things. . . .Pull your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

If the moderator is going to remove posts based on errors of fact, the moderator should just the entire blog. Especially the topical intro is never factual. Other than factually, there are many errors written by the moderator. And that is a fact, jack.

Maybe if you used both sides of your brain instead of only the left side, it would be start in the right direction.

The Left Brain said...

Dear anon #2,

Please feel free to provide examples of errors in fact and we will happily remove them. We make every effort to ensure everything we post is factually accurate, but our contributors are human and make mistakes. However, we will not remove things just because you disagree with them.

The Left Brain Team.

Anonymous said...

The left brain has a team? Where did you find so many people only having half a brain?

Who was the rocket scientist that decided Left Brain KS was a cool blog name? Hope you kicked this person off the alleged "team'for coming up with such a dumb blog name. What was the person thinking? Must have been thinking I need another beer or something because the 24 pack was not enough to be creative.

Finally, if as alleged you are in fact in team, what is your record?
My scoreboard has your team having a total point count of zero. Is the goal of the "team" to win the worst blog name ever contest

If so, your team wins the award for dumbest blog name ever. Congrats. Your "team" won the trophy. Drink a few more beers to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I merely wonder what it must be like to get drunk when a person only has half a brain. Do they get twice the buzz?

If so, sign me up for the lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

I am really finding it hard that it took the whole "team" to respond to one blog entry. Could only one person have responded instead of the whole team?

Oh that is right. Takes two to write a moderator comment since this blog only uses left half of brain.

Is someone on the team able to use the right side of their brain? Or even worse, is there any team member that can use both sides?

Why did someone creative say, hey instead of using left brain, let's try whole brain KS as a blog name. Regardless, hope you are not getting confused as much as it appears.