Thursday, June 12, 2008

Double Vision, One Name

Jim Slattery (US Senate candidate) and his son Mike Slattery (KS Senate candidate) spoke about their visions for Kansas and the country on a live chat today. Check out the full chat here.

Here are some highlights:

Thanks for your question. I believe being raised in the technology age gives young candidates a more hopeful perspective on life. Watching technology do the "impossible" repeatedly in our lifetime gives us the ability to dream about changing our future.

Furthermore, I believe our generation is focused on the future much more than previous generations. We are focused on making peace across party lines to make a difference for the people we represent. Previous generations get too caught up in "big party" politics, as opposed to caring for their constituents.

Question: When you are talking to young voters what do you tell a young person that is not registered to vote and why they should register?

Bottom line. If we are going to turn this country around, we can't do it if young people aren't involved in the process.

Every young American has the duty to register to vote and vote. We all have to assume our responsibilities as citizens if we expect to change our country.

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