Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our thoughts exactly...


Anonymous said...

All John McCain's supporters are fat.

Anonymous said...

So. All dems hate puppys.

Anonymous said...

I am not fat. Funny, I still support McCain. Is the first poster suggesting only skinny people should vote for Obama.

Furthermore, does this mean Oprah is not fat anymore or alternatively, does Oprah by her fatness really in the closet supporter of McCain?

My solution to such written posts is to ban the first blog poster and fire the moderator.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts make me curious about illegal aliens. For example, if an alien comes to the US from a planet like Uranus, how does ICE go about deporting them?

Furthermore, how would a fence stop unlawful immigrants from Uranus?

My thoughts, exactly.

Anonymous said...

Both Obama and McCain have publically stated they support amnesty contrary to the expectations of 70% of our country's population that believe immigration laws should be complied with.

So, by supporting amnesty, exactly who does either of these two candidates really represent if they oppose 70% of the US population's expectations?

Clearly, both of these yahoos represent corporate America and the Latino vote making me hope Ralph Nader runs for President again.

Just imagine what it will be like in the United States of Mexico in 2012 with either of these two yahoos in the White House. I suspect total no. of unlawful immigrants to be in excess of 18 million.

Anonymous said...

1) The poster does not claim that all fat people support John McCain, so Oprah, fat or otherwise, is free to support Sen. Obama.

2) The poster was clearly not being serious, get a life.

3) Let's be honest Christian, you do have a pretty round face.

Anonymous said...

Well, the moderator also claims the purpose of this web site is to be humorous. When does the site start getting funny?

Anonymous said...

Last blogger who suggests I need to get a life--guess where that person is from?

Right. Uranus.