Monday, June 9, 2008

The KSGOP: They really are that desperate

In their most recent blog post, the KS GOP chastises the State of Kansas for not allowing the website to post its flight itineraries for the Governor's plane. Never mind the fact that this decision was probably made without the knowledge or instruction of the Governor's office by her security detail, the assertion that this is somehow "secretive" is ludicrous.

While I don't know the tail number of Air Force One, I have a sneaky suspicion its itineraries aren't loaded into this web site. It's called security. For a party that supports George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, two of the most secretive politicians in American history, such a preposterous accusation is just laughable.


Anonymous said...

that's exactly what i was going to say when i read that post...and i would have posted it right there on the trunkline if they let you post comments

stupid republicans are too scared to blog.t

Anonymous said...

Yes, they're that desperate.

It's obvious. The KSGOP does not allow comments on their blog. That shows they do are not willing to be open minded and be open to some criticism right there.

Lance Weber said...

What do Sebelius supporters think about her attendance this past weekend at the Bilderberg conference for the second year in a row?

It is unusual for someone to have back-to-back invitations to attend. Is she an "official" member of the group now? Somehow I don't think so but maybe one of you knows more.

What does Kansas have to offer international business that would make her attendance so valuable? Might it have something to do with the so-called NAFTA superhighway?

Anonymous said...

Well all the official candidate filings are now posted since the cutoff was 12 today, June 10.

Despite the KC Star, Jordan is running against Paul Showen-not Dennis Moore. The KC Star makes it look like Jordan is the only candidate which is an intentional deception to the voters of the 3rd District.

Jordan better start campaigning for the primary and showing up at more than a couple of events to get my vote. Even then, I doubt I would vote for him because of failure to campaign.

Anonymous said...

I concur on Jordan failing to campaign. The only time this guy shows up is when a check is pushed his direction. This indicates Jordan does not care what the voter thinks-he just cares how much money you can contribute.

Bad Nick. Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

The reason the KS GOP did not create a blog is the damage caused by blogs like Blue Tide Rising.

This blog serves as a sounding board for the GOP than it does for Democrats.

Why duplicate another blog for republicans when we have Blue Tide Rising and now this web site, left but damaged overly liberal) brain.

Anonymous said...

I know and understand why there are some many democratic blogs in KS. Most of the KS Dems have no job and therefore, the only opportunity for communication are these blogs. The GOP people are too busy working supporting the dems.

Further, the dems have more at stake since they depend on socialism for their livlihood.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb blog name. Left Brain KS. This blog is bragging about having a half of a brain.

I concur. Usually, when a human being or blog has lost some its mental capacity, we call that intellectually challenged.

Which makes sense if one reads the moderator comments.

This person is seriously damaged, using half or less of a brain and is intellectually challenged.

Anonymous said...

Hey, last poster, stop picking on democrats. We can't help the way we are.

Anonymous said...

"The only opportunity for communication is these blogs..."

Really now? You'd go so far and say something as ignorant as that? It's ignorance that causes so much hate in this state, and then people wonder why I'm a Democrat. Really now.

The Left Brain said...

We'd like to welcome Christian Morgan to our blog. Everyone give Christian a round of applause.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for noticing the posts were mine.