Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cheese flavored lies

Another post from The Kansas Republican, another lie. Or at least a blind assumption made in the absence of facts.

These clowns read a story on da int-ruh-netz that said a cheese factory decided to locate in Eastern Colorado as opposed to Western Kansas.

OBVIOUSLY this is Gov. Sebelius' fault. Not the Republican-controlled legislature. They eveen linked to the story!

The problem is, the story made no mention of anything even remotely political.

Leprino reportedly chose the location partly due to the quality and availability of milk in neighbouring Weld County. Moerover, in December 2007, FLEXNEWS had reported that Leprino had also considered other locations for the plant in north Colorado and in south west Kansas.

Leprino provides mozzarella cheese to companies such as Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut and has 9 plants in the US, and 2 in the UK.
Apparently its Governor Sebelius' fault there isn't more/higher quality milk in Western Kansas.

Then, they repeat the same baseless accusations made by their cousins over at Stay Red Kansas, that 1) the recent GAO decision was the result of Roberts, Tiahrt, Brownback and Moran's hard work and 2) Jim Slattery is angry about the decision.
Meanwhile, thanks to tireless work by Senator Roberts, Brownback and the rest of
the DC gang, the GAO ruled that the Air Force's procurement process was not
handled properly.

What, no props for Reps. Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore?

Nevermind the fact that Slattery released a press release praising the decision or that Roberts and Brownback actively created an atmosphere condusive to the decision while Tiahrt and Moran sat on their hands.

The casual relationship that TKR and SRK seem to have with "facts" and "truth" is starting to get annoying.


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a hot topic. Number of comments last few days-zero. I pity the blog moderator so I figured I would increase comments by a factor of . . . well, infinity.

Anonymous said...

Talk about lies. Ask the blog moderator if this person censors comments half a brain does not like. I assure you censorship on this blog is a common and daily task as I watch my posts disappear, often. Even daily.

Censorship is never a good thing if one likes free speech. Obviously, this moderator likes censorship. A lot.

The Left Brain said...

No moderator or contributor to this blog has ever nor will they ever delete any comment. We are however glad to hear that you check back frequently.

Anonymous said...

Hey, congrats. A moderator that actually believes in free speech. Good for you. Unlike the KS Demo Party blog. I was the first person banned and censored on that blog.

I am going to keep an watchful eye on this web site. And quite possibly make this my own personal blog just like I did at Sinking Blue Tide.

Someone has to be honest and informed to reality.

Anonymous said...

Nice, so you say LBK deletes your posts, then you say they don't but Buffalo Blog does. Credibility problems?

Jason W. (LibDemKS) said...

I didn't know that you could get comments removed from KDP Blog unless you do a ton of f-bomb dropping. I left a comment that was pretty harsh about the whole Boeing tanker thing on this story and it's still there. Of course, I also have the scroat required to leave my name and not post anonymously so there you go.

As for the whole cheese thing, it's too bad that we didn't get this in Kansas, but ag jobs are also some of the most exploitative jobs when it comes to the workers involved. Balls to the wall pace, harsh conditions, and (thanks to the Bushies) almost no USDA or OSHA oversight, plus the fact that Kansas has laws that make it pretty easy to bust on the unions. Maybe when Obama gets elected, we can get some good jobs setting up and maintaining wind farms out here and finally make Kansas a land of opportunity again. As for Keep Kansas Red and others of that ilk, the name of the blog kind of points out their agenda, so don't let it get to you too much that they are misleading, dishonest tools. Everyone is starting to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

The comment that got me banned from the KS Dem. HQ was my opinion that Larry Gates should be replaced as the exec. director of the KS Dem Party based on election results. There was no profanity involved. Larry, the tyrant merely did not like dealing with the truth about how rotten he was and how disorganized the KS Dem. Party leadership was.

Hence, the ban. And this merely reaffirmed why Larry Gates should be replaced. As well as why KS Dem Party is in serious trouble related to a lack of good party leadership.