Monday, June 2, 2008

Olathe GOP: Party like its 1899!!

According to the KS GOP blog, the Olathe Republican Party is having a picnic!
Confirmed speakers include keynote speaker Sen. Nick Jordan, the Republican candidate for Congress, Rep. Arlen Siegfried, Rep. Rob Olson, Rep. Lance Kinzer, and Sen. Karin Brownlee. All local officials from the school board through the state house are being asked to attend and will be given an opportunity to speak. Candidates, local organizations, and statewide organizations will have information booths.

Nineteenth century children's games and stagecoach rides will be available free of charge.
The theme of the children's game was picked to match with the spakers' positions on social issues.


Anonymous said...

I remember attending this Olathe GOP party in 2006 as a congressional candidate. They chose not to invite me as a 2008 congressional candidate and only choose to ask Nick, a person that sucks up to Bush/Cheney.

a) What was Jordan thinking?
b) Was Jordan thinking
c) Is the only reason money?

Whatever you select is not good. Just like Nick.

Tom Scherer, one of the other GOP Candidates for US Congress

Anonymous said...

At the Olathe GOP in 2006, they had a straw poll election. This whole thing was rigged. I personally paid for 40 votes. However, after the event, the Olathe GOP stated I only had nine votes. Which tells me never trust the Olathe GOP leadership.


Anonymous said...

Why does this web site look exactly like BTS-Blue Tide Sinking?
Whose alleged left brain is being used as the moderator? KU Blue again? Sure looks like the same package. Probably because it is.

Anonymous said...

BTS has sunk. Very few posting on that web site. Their solution-just start a new blog. This one.

Too bad this left brain appears to be a brain damaged package,just like Sinking Blue Tide.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which spaker will give the worst speach.