Thursday, June 19, 2008

GAO tells us what we already know

Breaking news out of the Government Accountability Office -- the decision to grant a contract to the French company AirBus was a bad one.

Thanks captain obvious.

Turns out the Air Force just made a bunch of crap up about how much it was going to cost Boeing to build the thing.

Our friends at StayRed are prepared to knight Sen. Pat Roberts and Rep. Todd Tiahrt for their tireless work in getting GAO to tell us what we already knew.

Of course, if Sen. Roberts would've told John McCain and George Bush where to stick it and opposed stripping the Buy American provision from the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill, Boeing would already be building the damn plane, but we digress.

Wethinks there is something fishy going on, though, now that it appears the bid process was unduly influenced by invisible hands to favor Airbus. Both Sens. John McCain and Pat Roberts have extensive lobbying ties to Northrop Grumman, AirBus' American partner, and AirBus itself.

According to a press release from the Jim Slattery campaign, Pat Roberts' son David lobbied the Senate for AirBus on issues related to the very Defense Authorization bill that would pave the way for this decision.

And we already know about McCain's ties to AirBus lobbyists.

If Sen. Roberts and Rep. Tiahrt had anything to do with this, which is debatable since the decision seemed to be pretty obvious, well, it's about damn time. Next time, how about you fight for Kansas jobs BEFORE they get outsourced to France. Then we won't have to worry about all this mess.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone mention GAO. The auditors of the federal govt. As a candidate for US Congress, this is agency under the President that can weed out waste and special interests. As a candidate, I support increasing GAO and the PAYGO system.

Our trade deficit and budget deficit is two of the biggest reasons our economy and your personal life style is in such jeopardy.

Support anything that increases federal fiscal accountability including a huge increase in GAO. If we increase GAO, we can start eliminating wasteful pork and increase the value of the US Dollar.

The Left Brain said...

Mr. Showen,

If you wish to use the comment section of this blog to run for Congress, please do not do so anonymously. Some people may not recognize your quite distinct prose and mistake it for another candidate.