Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th District numbers: Tiahrt surprisingly low, Betts surprisingly high

The numbers out of the 4th District were quite surprising. Though he still has a very substantial warchest, Todd Tiahrt brought in a lackluster $170,236.82 since April 1. He didn't spend much though, dishing out only $55,850.16 and leaving his campaign with a healthy $1,256,651.59 warchest with which to slander Donald Betts.

Betts on the other hand, after posting a disappointing 2nd quarter, brought in a respectable (but still lower than we'd like to see) $81,413.20. After spending $41,209.72 (more than Garth McGinn raised in all of 2006), Betts was left with $62,814.89.

NOTE: Tiahrt's numbers are "pre-primary" and thus run through July 16. Betts' numbers are 3rd quarter and only run through June 30.

Betts has a tall task ahead of him, but his numbers are up substantially from the 1st quarter and with a strong third quarter and the expected Democratic surge, Betts is not out of this race. We encourage you to utilize the ActBlue widget on this page and help make sure that happens.

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