Friday, July 11, 2008

Roberts: When I said I was going to play nice, I didn't REALLY mean it

Pat Roberts has gone negative yet again. Curiously, his most recent ad isn't on his web site. Embarrassed of your new spot, Pat?

Maybe its because you remember that you said something back in August 2007, when you spoke with Rep. Dennis Moore at an event at Johnson County Community College. What was it that you said? Can't remember for sure Sen. Memory Pills?

Oh no worries, here's a video to remind you.

There is a difference between campaigning for the office, and campaigning against somebody else and I have always tried to campaign for the office…I will campaign for the office and I will not campaign against anybody.

We totally agree Pat, we totally agree.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the good Senator did set the record straight - SLATTS is a LOBBYIST - and he has earned MILLIONS working for SPECIAL INTERESTS.

What's negative about the plausible, honest truth about SLATTS?

Anonymous said...

he made millions as a lawyer working to protect people from patent infringement. do know that Roberts' son is a lobbyist, right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, what Roberts says is that he reserves the right to set the record straight if someone were to air a false accusation. Something which I'm sure you're aware hasn't happened yet.

Sure, Slattery was a lobbyist, and Roberts is a 71 year-old Bush apologist who hasn't actually resided in the great state of Kansas since 1962, but if Slattery were to air a TV ad stating as such, I'm sure you'd call it (rightly so) a negative ad.

Todd Epp at S.D. Watch said...

Dear LBK:

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Mike said...

Apologies for the random comment but I didn't see how to contact the site administrator.

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Anonymous said...

Roberts is really getting nervous and is doing conference calls of which I have participated twice including last night. He has a good reason to be nervous because we Kansans need to vote this guy out of office.

Roberts makes a perfect example of the kind of politican most of us are tired of. We need to get rid of both KS Senators. They are both responsible for the condition we are facing today.

Time for change that includes getting rid of both of these yahoos.

ts, candidate, US Congress

Anonymous said...

In regard to Slattery, I don't trust this guy being a lobbyist, much less as a serious candidate for office.

For those who think Slattery is honest, ask him about some of his old campaign debts he defaulted on years ago. I know because I was at his bank auction when he defaulted on his congressional campaign debts.

If you want a candidate lacking character, Slattery is your kind of candidate.