Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bob Dole weighs in on John McCain

From the Kansas City Star's blog.

It's a wonder this guy didn't win the Presidency in 1996. Oh wait, no it isn't.
I know he's looking at [VP candidates] because...I talked with somebody who's sort of in the loop on that. They haven't got much time...I don't know who's being vetted, but you need to vet them very carefully.
Did it seriously take him 38 words including two ellipses and four contractions to say 1) he doesn't know who is going to be the veep and 2) it's important to vet the candidates? Thanks for enlightening us, Bob.
Does McCain have a message? "They said that about me (that I didn't have a message). If you're winning, you're a hell of a candidate, but if you lose, you're a bum...I think he needs to get the campaign a little more focused.
Not a good sign, for George W. McCain. As you all remember, Bob Dole's campaign didn't work out so well.

And our personal favorite...
This big trip overseas was a wash.. if I'm living out in Russell, Kansas, and a candidate is over in Germany with a couple hundred thousand Germans, and I can't get gas because I've got four bucks in my pocket, I'm not sure I get too excited about someone being all the way to Germany.
First off, Bob Dole hasn't seen Russell, KS in decades, so I'm not sure how he would know anything about what the people there feel. Secondly, John McCain went on a trip abroad a mere weeks before Barack Obama.

If McCain were in Germany, there would be approximately 20 people. If Bush was there, there would be about 500, but 495 of them would be burning American flags.

I don't see how the fact that Barack Obama isn't hated abroad is a liability, in Russell, KS or in North Carolina/Washington D.C. where Bob Dole actually, you know, lives.

Hey, maybe when his wife loses her Senate seat in North Carolina, they'll move back to Kansas. OK, probably not.

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