Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Roberts releases poll

Pat Roberts released a poll, paid for by his campaign, that shows the "overwhelmingly popular" Senator barely has a majority, despite being in congress for decades.

The poll shows Roberts leading presumptive Democratic nominee Jim Slattery 54% to 34%.

As we've said on this blog since day 1, while this race will be difficult for Slattery, anytime you see an incumbent as entrenched as Roberts is hovering around 50% four months out, things could get exciting.

More than that, this poll was conducted June 27 - July 1. Which means Pat Roberts had already been on the air for weeks with three television commercials and a radio ad before any of this was taken into account, and still only 54% of Kansans are willing to add on to his 40+ years in Washington.

The poll also included numbers for the Presidential race. Like the Senate race, it shows a Republican who is winning, but with numbers that should be concerning. The poll has McCain beating Democratic nominee Barack Obama 49% to 36%.

Again, remember, George W Bush got over 60% in 2000 and 2004, so for a Republican presidential nominee to be polling under 50% in Kansas -- in July -- is HUGE.

In the end, both these polls show what most people watching these races already know -- Sen. Obama and former Congressman Slattery are facing tall odds, but they each have the advantage of running against thoroughly flawed incumbents and could be in position to mount challenges no one thought possible in a "red" state like Kansas.

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Lenexite said...

I will give you odds that Roberts wins by more than 60% and that McCain wins by more than 55%.