Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Kansas Republican Assembly is right

Stop the presses folks, the nutjobs over at the Kansas Republican Assembly -- a shell organization which, in effect, runs the KS GOP -- have actually made a good point, though I don't think it was intentional.

In an effort to slander the "Red Star" (some people refer to it as the Kansas City Star, a Pulitzer prize winning newspaper) these radicals have said something intelligent.
A very wise politician once told me, “You’ll know when your opponent thinks you might win when they start attacking you by name.”
They were referring to an admittedly curious development in which Dave Helling over at PrimeBuzz has been specifically referencing The Kansas Meadowlark, the grandaddy of all crazy republican blogs in Kansas. Imagine if the folks at TKR were just a little bit more unstable, but actually did research. Ya, that's Meadowlark.

So, with this quote in mind, do you believe the Republicans when they say Slattery doesn't have a chance?

Neither do I. The worst part? This isn't even all of them. There have been two more TV ads and a radio ad attacking Jim Slattery. Please use our ActBlue widget at the right of your screen to help Jim Slattery fight back. Pat Roberts has millions and this onslaught is not going to stop anytime soon.


Groenhagen said...

Slattery will get you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter Groenhagen, no media conspiracies to "uncover"?

Anonymous said...

If there were only two choices of Roberts and Slattery, which means we all lose with either, I suggest we vote for anyone else as a clear message to both we don't want either of them.

This is merely another sign of how bad the top level leadership is, in the KS GOP when this is the best they can put forward for a KS Senator.

It is time for Roberts to go but it certainly is not time for Slattery to replace him.

I am voting for anyone but Roberts or Slattery.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star won a Pultizer. The paper still sucks. They probably got a Pultizer for cramming so many ads in the paper and for so little in writing anything of substance.

The Red Star should get a Pulitzer for still being in business. For they certainly do not deserve any prizes for writing anything of substance.

Besides, getting a Pulitzer can be received by self-nomination. So don't be impressed by someone bragging about getting a Pulitzer. Pretty simple to get one.

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple to get one? You're a fucking idiot, you don't just get nominated and then get one, you have to be picked by the committee. They won said pulitzer for their coverage of the hyatt skywalk collapse.

Also, those ads are how they pay for the paper. If they had fewer ads, you'd just be bitching about how much your subscription costs. It is abundantly clear that you have never worked in journalism before.

Anon #3, your argument would be great if it had, I dunno, a reason. What's so bad about Slattery, that he lobbied for a grain company in Atchison? GASP!