Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello??? Is anyone in there? Earth to Lynn Jenkins, do you copy?

Lynn Jenkins is a regular David Blaine, she can disappear before your very eyes.

One minute, she's running for Congress, albeit poorly, and the next minute it's like she wasn't even there.

Wait. What's that? You don't even know who she is?

Don't worry, lots of people don't. Anyway, Lynn is this smiley woman who served a term in the Kansas House and half a term in the Kansas Senate before bouncing up the political ladder to State Treasurer in 2002. Now she's running in the Republican primary against Jim Ryun.

Now that we're all on the same page as to who Lynn Jenkins is, it makes you wonder how the Hell people who aren't fortunate enough to read this blog are supposed to figure it out.

Her opponent in the primary, Jim Ryun, "served" 10 years in the seat before GETTING served by Nancy Boyda in 2006, so people already pretty well know who he is (which may end up being more of a liability than a benefit to Mr. Ryun) but even he has been on TV with for almost two weeks now in the two major media markets in the district.

So what of Lynn Jenkins, who's own campaign admits that name recognition is the biggest hurdle over which they must leap to have any chance in the primary.

Nowhere to be seen, that's where.

It almost makes you wonder if she's decided to punt this campaign and focus on 2010.

Good luck with that.


Anonymous said...

I like Lynn as compared to worthless Jim Ryun. Political has been and hack. What we don't need is a do nothing like Ryun back in Congress. Thank goodness the voters finally said enough of this guy.

So Ryun is really campaigning for something else. He is really not serious about getting elected. He is probably jockeying to be a lobbyist in DC. Never trust someone the voters have already thrown out of office. There purpose in running is not pure. What and see what Ryun ultimately ends up. And it certainly will be elected to Congress. This guy is a snake.

Anonymous said...

I am not certain whom I favor in the race which should be Jenkins v. Boyda. But never Ryun.

Boyda has done a good job as a freshman congressman bringing back earmarks of 38 million. Which is pretty darn good for a rookie. Then, there is Lynn who is really a very nice person. My analysis is stick with Boyda as long as she continues breaking back a lot of bacon to ks with earmarks.

For those congressman not bringing home the bacon (like Ryun and Moore) need replaced with those who do.

This should be a good race. I give the edge to Boyda for actual performance which is always preferred to a person with a nice personality.

I have never heard anyone state that Jenkins is doing a great job as the treasurer of ks. So why risk replacing Boyda with Lynn. Let Boyda stay as long as she keeps performing. Pretty hard to vote someone out of office when that person brought back 38 million in earmarks.

Good job, Boyda. We who pay attention to such things expect even bigger earmarks your secod term. And if you don't, after your 2nd term, you won't be getting a 3rd term