Wednesday, July 2, 2008

As the Phill turns

Some had thought Phill Kline had learned his lesson. Some thought maybe he has figured out that people are tired of him being so friggin' crazy and that maybe he would play nice this cycle.

Well, the soap opera has officially begun.

First, the good folks at the Pitch blog have a great post about Phill deciding it was time to buy a home in Johnson County (nearly two years after becoming the county's district attorney.

Kline's primary opponent Steve Howe has fired back on the subject, issuing a press release pledging to be a "full-time" DA.

This after word comes from the PrimeBuzz blog that someone has been making negative "push poll" calls to Republicans in Johnson County targeting Howe.
Phone calls were made to thousands of Johnson County homes in the last couple of days that can only be described as a push poll.

It begins by asking whether you have a positive opinion of Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline. If your opinion was favorable, the automated voice asked whether you were a Republican, pro-life, and a conservative.

If you said you didn’t have a positive feeling about Kline, you were asked whether you knew that Kline’s Republican opponent, Steve Howe, almost let a murderer go and suggested that Howe had little experience as a prosecutor.

Keep in mind, the Kansas City Star's stated purpose is to defame the spotless character of Phill Kline, so all of this is probably fabricated by the pinko-commie-bastards at The Red Star.

The Star post also leads one to an interesting anti-Howe video posted, in an apparent attempt at satire, by someone using the namee "SteveHowe4DA."

The user has one other video about the DA race that is...well...interesting.

I have been telling you all along, cockfighting is going to be the major issue in this race.

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