Friday, August 29, 2008

Campaign irony

Does it ever dawn on McCain and the Republicans that before they attack Obama they should think about if the attack could be applied just as well (if not better) to them?

Like Pat Roberts, who's been in Washington since the early 60's, criticizing Jim Slattery for being a "Washington insider" or McCain saying that Obama's rhetoric doesn't match his record, now we hear word that John McCain is going to select Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as Vice President.

Her experience? She served two terms on the Wasilla City Council, served as mayor of the town, lost an election to be Alaska Lt. Governor and attempted in vain to be appointed to the United States Senate. She then served two years as Ethics Commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission before resigning and has now served two years as Governor of Alaska.

So, she's been in city politics, in Alaska, of a town less than 9,000 people, and she's been Governor for two years.

Is the Vice President's experience as important as the President's? Is the President's experience important at all? Well, John McCain obviously thinks it is.

Let's be honest here, at 72, the chances of John McCain surviving two terms ain't so good. Crass? Maybe, but because of his age his choice of Vice President becomes even more important. If John McCain wins the Presidency, his Vice President has a pretty darn good chance of ascending to the Presidency.

I'm sure all that "executive experience" she learned in Wasilla, Alaska will help her immensely. Then again, maybe McCain is just picking her so he can bag Alaska's three electoral votes.

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