Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Primary predictions: cleanup edition

It appears we forgot two very important legislative primaries.

Kansas Senate, District 14, Republican:
Dwayne Umbarger(i) vs. Iris Van Meter: Van Meter is another first class nut A former member of the state BOE and one of the architects of all the nonsense that body has been up to over the last several years. Thayer is in her 70s, but she has a pretty solid history of winning these primaries. Umbarger has spent nearly $30,000 and still has $40,000 left so it'll be a tough race. Umbarger.

Kansas House, District 76, Republican
Peggy Mast(i) vs. Tony Trimble: Mast is part of the "The Mexicans are taking over America" wing of the Republican party. She was the chair of the GOP's 50 Ideas Committee that went nowhere. But she's also a powerful incumbent with $10,000 in her warchest even after spending nearly $9,000 on the primary. Trimble has spent nearly $7,000, but he's out of money and still has a tough row to hoe. Mast.

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