Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Intentionally ironic, blissfully ignorant or willfully hypocritical?

Which is it GOP?

The Republican National Committee has launched a new feature on their Web site where they countdown the time until the next "gaffe" from Joe Biden, complete with a video of him calling Obama "Barack America."

Seriously? The party of George W. Bush wants to make gaffes an issue. The sitting President from their party has contributed a new word to our political lexicon referring to his repeated gaffes.

Or how about John McCain? The supposed expert on foreign policy isn't sure which factions of Islam are fighting against each other (but somehow thinks he is better suited to protect us against them) or even that Czechoslovakia is no longer a country.

So, would you rather have a Vice President who in a major speech transposes words, or a President who is an idiot. When Biden misspeaks, its a gaffe, when McCain forgets that Czechoslovakia split into the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic, you know, 15 years ago, what is that?


Anonymous said...

The real gaffe here in the JOBAMA for President race is Hillary. I understand why the Dems are going to have to hold Hillary personally responsible for losing the Presidental election. Watching the DNC self-destruct is a sad thing to watch. The dem party better wake up and realize to win a presidential race, you can ignore white men as one of the critical voter blocks needed to win a presidential race. Sorry, but the dems blew this election. Blame goes to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Since DNC is really lacking much of a universal theme, maybe they could adopt the theme of:

"divided, we stand together in our unity defeated."

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to predict the next gaffe by joe will be when he next speaks publically at the DNC. We all know he is bound to either say very little with while or alternatively, if he says anything worth saying, he will screw it up. I would expect Obama team has pretty much gagged him already. I would if I were Obama.

Problem is, you can't gag Biden. More likely than not, he will say something really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Guess Anon 3 was wrong. Unless you count calling McCain "George," which really isn't all that far from reality.

Anonymous said...

Don't know. I did not watch DNC-too boring. Plus we all know McCain is to the point of being called President elect.

So, Joe must have been gagged. He will screw up unless the planet stops spinning.

Finally, the only reason Barry picked him as a martyr is because the other dems saw the writing on the wall and wisely chose not to be Obama's VP. I like Biden. Just not as a VP because he does call it like he sees it. Not good as a VP or Prez as diplomats internationally.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, McCain is finally leading in the polls (by one point), let's start booking the reception hall for the innaguration. WTF.

Anonymous said...

I really could care less about the polls. What I am paying attention to is what are candidates saying they are going to do if elected. On this point alone, JOBAMA has failed to establish anything warranting an intelligent voter. The only votes he is going to get are the people who vote on emotion instead of their intellect. The only people that are voting this inexperienced politican are party loyalsts. And that is only those who are not ticked off about not adding Hillary as VP.

So, who cares about a poll at this stage. I am more on the reality Obama is getting his arse kicked big time. And he gets what he deserves--a McCain for his President.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Sarah Palin is so experienced. Hope McCain is able to make it to his 80th birthday.