Friday, August 29, 2008

Liberal Media? Hardly.

Yet another study shows McCain gets more positive press than Obama.

This is evident today when CNN raved about how Mayor Palin (who is currently under investigation for interfering in personnel matters relating to her ex-brother-in-law) is "just like John McCain" because she "fights corruption."

I guess they're both alike in that they fight all the corrupt politicians...except themselves.

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Anonymous said...

The reason McCain gets more press is because he deserves it. Obama, what is there to report-yet again another rhetorical speech. Or even worse, some kind of plan that is plain stupid like his tax rebate plan.

At least McCain made another good move getting a babe, Palin to run as VP outfoxing the Dems targeting the woman vote. With this lady, she will get the woman vote and the dude vote. I want a poster of Palin for my bedroom wall. She is hot.