Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, if it's Sebelius' fault when jobs are lost, it must also be to her credit when they're created, right?

If you ask Christian Morgan, anytime a private company makes a decision to either cut jobs or not to create them in Kansas, the blame lies at the feet of Kathleen Sebelius. Not the Republican-dominated legislature, not Congress, not the President, but Kathleen Sebelius.

So, one must expect a post over at the Trunkline commending Sebelius for Spirit Aerosystems recent decision to build a new plane in Wichita, creating nearly 700 high-paying, permanent jobs in Kansas, right?


Honestly, we don't know what role if any Kathleen Sebelius played in this decision. But that's the point. These decisions are made by private companies. It'd be one thing if a government entity decided to ship Kansas jobs overseas without any help from the people in whose districts the jobs should be (see: Boeing; Roberts, Pat; Tiahrt, Todd).

Here at LBK, we think the pro-business climate created in Kansas by Sebelius and her Lt. Governors John Moore (a former executive at Cessna, who will work with Spirit to build the planes) and Mark Parkinson certainly didn't hurt.


Anonymous said...

Based on Sebelius, we in corp. America love this lady. Pay corp. taxes in KS? Why, we have Sebelius to thank. Hardly any corporations in KS, domestic or foreign pay any taxes at all. Plus, we need to thank her also for her new investment tax credit ensuring even less of the few corps that had payed taxes like GM won't anymore.

So, the only people that should dislike Kate are those who don't own corporations. Thanks for helping us report record revenues Kate.

We in corp. America love you. Hence, why you are getting so much money from us for your campaign warchest.

For details on how few of us pay corporate taxes to KS, merely go to the KS Dept. of Revenue appointed by cronyism Sebelius to her and corp. America's friend, Joan Wagnon.

So, sorry if you don't own corp. Sebelius and Wagnon We all like you chump taxpayers.

Signed GM and the coal industry.

Anonymous said...

It must depressing to be the owner/moderator of a democratic blog no one comments to. KU Blue states he is responsible as your leader. Are you a follower of KU Blue? If so, tell him his blog really is sucking a lot. If you can only get more than five people, you will take over as the most popular dem blog in KS.

Where are all the dem bloggers?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to know how many dollars people have contributed via your wasted space on the right side of your blog. Further, why did you stop the vote on why people don't comment here after 4 votes. Was it really a vote or did you the moderator do all the voting yourself because you have multiple personalities?

Anonymous said...

Um, however much you may think this blog and Blue Tide Rising and Boyda Bloc suck, the only active Republican blog in Kansas is the official GOP blog, which doesn't allow comments. TKR and StayRed are dying, Bounce Boyda is dead. Where are all the conservative bloggers in Kansas?

Also, the reason most people don't comment on this blog is that it isn't sensationalist dribble. Most people, even if they disagree, just don't comment because it provides thoughtful, reasonable arguments to support it's case. People comment on the rare posts at TKR because they're so ridiculous it pisses people off.

Anonymous said...

So, what is your point? You are stating your original post is so great, no one has enough brain power (meaning more than half of brain) to comment? So why have a blog then? For your own gratification?

And who cares what the GOP does or does not. We just care what you do and why you have no one following your blog as proven by no comments to your posts. No one cares. I am the only person following your blog. Which makes even me wonder why.

Anonymous said...

Actually, according to blog net news, this is one of the most read blogs in Kansas. Just because there are relatively few comments, does not mean that no one reads it. I agree with the above poster, this blog doesn't have posts with 52 comments on it because they don't say anything outrageous enough to piss people off.