Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jenkins and Jordan: More of the same

Lynn Jenkins and Nick Jordan are starting to look awfully alike. Both are former members of the Kansas Legislature of whom no one has heard. Both are campaigning to "fix Washington" and "bring in new Republican leadership." And both can't help but surround themselves with the same tired old Republican cronies who they fume about on the campaign trail.

Jordan has already brought in George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to raise money for his longshot campaign against Dennis Moore. Now NRCC chairman and Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole has graced our state with his presence. But Nick, I thought you were campaigning to change Washington? If so, why bring in all the GOP bigshots? Oh, right, because your campaign is a sham.

And Lynn Jenkins? Remember her "New Republican Leadership"? Well, word on the street is Bush will bring his old Republican leadership to campaign for Lynn. Boyda Bloc did a wonderful job of pointing out how the "moderate" Lynn Jenkins couldn't even wait a week after Jim Ryun lost the primary to hob knob with the GOP elite in Kansas.

Jenkins and Jordan offer one thing and one thing only: more of the same failed policies and misplaced priorities.

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Anonymous said...

"Both are former members of the Kansas Legislature of whom no one has heard."

Nancy came from?